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Using SEO Methods to Market Cannabis in Chicago

Using SEO Methods to Market Cannabis in Chicago

Cannabis search engine marketing in Chicago is critical if a business wants to survive in this incredibly competitive industry. Marijuana was only recently legalized on a recreational level in Illinois, but already hoards of companies and businesses are looking to set themselves apart from the pack in one way or another. And, for better or worse, the fate of a company usually comes down to how they handled cannabis SEO marketing in Chicago.

While it likely goes without saying, a company with a lackluster marketing strategy will surely fail. That’s just common knowledge at this point. And, unfortunately, with so many new, first-time business owners stepping foot into the industry at the same time, it’s not uncommon to see a business go belly-up because of some poor marketing decisions. That’s why it’s beyond important for companies to be as well versed in this realm of business as they can, for it will truly determine how successful they will be.

Now, when it comes to adequately pulling off a triumphant SEO strategy there are a lot of things to consider. The first of which should be letting people know where they can find you. So, if you are a brick-and-mortar dispensary, or offer up some other kind of physical storefront that you want customers to visit, you will want to register with a free service known as Google My Business.

By signing up for Google My Business, you will now show up on Google Map search results as a pin signifying where you are on the map. This is beyond beneficial, especially for new dispensary owners. For the most part, curious cannabis consumers make most of their dispensary decisions based on location, and how close (or far) an establishment is from their place of residence.

Just as often, these same people will Google “dispensaries in my area” or something along those lines. And now, when they do, since you’ve signed up with Google My Business, you’ll show up on that very same map. Had you not taken the brief amount of time to accomplish this quick task, your business would remain unseen, and therefore unknown. Which is why this is such an important SEO step to take when first starting out.

The next thing you’ll want to concern yourself with is your audience. You’ll want to learn as much about your audience and target customers as you can. Specifically, you should learn what kind of cannabis topics they routinely search for. Perhaps it’s a type of CBD product, maybe it’s about new recreational laws and whatnot. Whatever it may be, you should research and analyze these topics to see which one has been searched for the most.

Then, when you get that valuable knowledge, you’ll want to create some blog posts, or a series of online content, that deals with that very same subject matter. You’ll need to strategically frame the title of the piece to not seem sensationalized, obviously. And you will also need to adequately formulate your blog post or content piece in an SEO-friendly type way that would ring the alarms of the ever-vigilant SEO algorithm that these search engines rely on.

Using SEO Methods to Market Cannabis in Chicago

If you do all of that correctly, your target demographic will go about their usual searches for this stuff, only now, your content will appear in the top rankings of the search result. The higher up in the ranking it is, the more likely people are to click on it out of pure curiosity. Then, once they click, they are taken to your website, and it becomes your sole duty to transform this curious web browser into a satisfied (hopefully repeat) customer.

If you find that you have some extra funds in the marketing budget, you can also toss around the idea of possibly signing up for a PPC deal with a search engine. PPC, which stands for “Pay Per Click,” is exactly what it sounds like. You and a search engine agree on a number of trigger words or buzzwords that your target demographic usually searches for. After terms of this agreement are reached, whenever that target demographic searches for one of those agreed-upon words, your links will show up first and foremost as sponsored links.

Many don’t even pay attention to whether a link is sponsored or not. If it’s at the top of the page of search results, they figure it’s the most relevant answer, and away they go. And, should these potential customers actually click onto your link, it will take them to your site, where you will then have to win them over with a quality web presence, customer experience, and easy-to-use interface. But, the hard part of getting them to show up to your site is complete.

But, for each random click that you get from these sponsored posts, you’ll have to pay the search engine. So, if that seems like enough of a financial hit to take for more traffic, then you should most certainly consider taking that route while trying to get your young cannabis business off the ground. This, obviously, isn’t necessary, as many companies are able to organically grow their business through more cost-effective SEO practices and methodologies.

These, as I’m sure you can already imagine, are only scratching the surface of SEO strategies one could take when trying to launch a cannabis business in the Chicago area. Enlisting the help of professional SEO companies and agencies is also a solid tactic to take. Not only are they experts in this specific field, but it’ll remove those responsibilities from the young business owner, who can then use their time in more effective ways.

Becoming a genius in the field of Cannabis SEO marketing in Chicago takes time, but once you get a hang of things, it quickly becomes second nature. It’s a more than worthwhile skill to learn, and knowing how to navigate cannabis search engine marketing in Chicago is guaranteed to help your business succeed for many years to come.

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