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How You Should Approach Buying Media In The Cannabis Industry

Unfortunately, in most states, there’s a laundry list of restrictions surrounding how (and if) cannabis companies can advertise. Which means these companies have to work extra hard, and rely on their niche ad and marketing networks to get their brand in front of the people who would engage with it most. Which just so happens to be our speciality.

Earn Revenue With High “Per Click” Campaigns

Tired of Google PPC holding you back? So are we! That’s why we work around that by placing your ads in specific places on niche sites with a similar audience. That way you can gain more traffic, without encountering any annoying restrictions.

Engaging With Top Influencers In The Field

Utilizing our unbeatable connections with leaders in the industry, we can assist you in getting some of the TOP names in the cannabis community to post about your company. We’re talking about true cannabis celebrities here – household names that are famous for sharing an undeniable passion for the plant.

Compelling Posts Are Key

If you want to gain and keep an audience, you need to deliver intriguing and interesting content on a consistent basis. We work alongside top marijuana marketing networks to help you post amazing and engaging content on a routine basis. Which is a lot more than what the average company is doing these days.

Powerful Print-Based Campaigns

A lot of people underestimate the power (and reach) of print advertising. We leave no stone unturned here, which is why we work with specific publications, with similar customers to your brand, and it regularly results in increased traffic and visibility. It’s not out of the conversation to make a deal with an industry leader like, High Times, for example. Just think of the possibilities…we want to make your dream a reality in any way possible.