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The SEO Side of Cannabis Web Development in Chicago

The SEO Side of Cannabis Web Development in Chicago

In order for any business to even stand a chance at survival, especially nowadays, they need to focus a decent amount of time on their SEO efforts. That sort of sentiment means even more for those just starting out in the cannabis industry in Chicago. Cannabis web development SEO in Chicago is crucial if a company wants to encourage customers to utilize their services. Without a solid plan for cannabis SEO development in Chicago, a business is almost guaranteed to fail, almost as quickly as they started. Which makes the learning of this powerful marketing tool all the more important.

To be victorious in this super-crowded cannabis industry, you must take all the marketing routes available to you. Some companies only focus on billboards and bus ads, which is fine, but it is rarely as effective as a quality SEO strategy.

For starters, let’s say you just opened up a dispensary, or are on the verge of opening up. You’ll want people to know exactly where you are, correct? This sort of information is crucial for a number of reasons, but it’s beyond beneficial in the cannabis industry, as most dispensary choices are made by consumers based on proximity to their place of residence. Now, that people can see where you are, they are more likely to visit your establishment. Because, had they not seen you online, they would’ve had to randomly wander by, and be curious enough to step inside. That sort of customer engagement isn’t profitable, nor wise to plan on. That’s why local SEO of this nature is so important.

Now, just because you opened up a cannabis business, that doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be easy to find on search engines. In fact, you have to work with these search engines a little, in order to get your business seen by your target audience. For local SEO, for instance, you’ll need to register your business (for free) with Google My Business.

In doing so, it places your location pin on their patented Google Map search results, should any local cannabis enthusiast be wondering what dispensaries are “near them,” or something along those lines. Now, since you’ve signed up for this service, and registered your business, Google is more prone to throw into such search results. That visual display of proximity-related results can be enough to encourage a curious cannabis customer to visit your establishment or website. Which, at the end of the day, is all we’re trying to accomplish with our various marketing techniques.

The SEO Side of Cannabis Web Development in Chicago

Next, you may want to consider a PPC deal. This means “Pay Per Click.” It’s as basic as it sounds. You pay a search engine to place links of yours at the top of specific search results that you and the search engine agree upon. Let’s say, a person searches for “CBD products near me” or something along those lines. If that is the trigger phrase that you’ve agreed upon with your search engine for the PPC deal, you will then show up at the very top of these search results. Yes, these links will be sponsored (and labeled as such), but for the most part, folks don’t even pay attention to that. They see something at the top of the pile, and immediately trust it enough to click. They’ll then be redirected to your company’s site, and then it’s up to you to keep them interested enough to stick around, and if you’re lucky, you can convert them into a customer.

In that same line of thinking, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your potential new customers. Figure out what they like and dislike, but more importantly, figure out what they are searching for. When you do acquire this valuable knowledge, you can use it to your advantage. How, you ask? Why, that’s easy.

Simply pick a hot search topic or phrase. For the sake of conversation, let’s go with something “CBD” related. If one of the top CBD searches has to do with topicals and/or creams, then that’s what you should write a lengthy blog post about. Title it with the buzzwords organically, and be sure to format your piece in an SEO-friendly fashion.

By that I mean don’t just stuff your paragraphs with search terms. The search engines will recognize this as “keyword stuffing” and your piece will automatically lose its value. However, if you go about it in a very conversational way, sporadically mentioning the topics throughout, then you should be able to organically climb through the SEO ranks, and show up in the top results for things that your target audience is looking for.

They will see you at the top of the ranking, notice that you are not “paying for clicks,” and that’ll make that much more of a reliable source right off the bat, and it’s all because you learn a few ways to make your company as SEO-friendly as possible.

Now, it is worth mentioning that these are only a few of the many SEO tactics and strategies one can employ while trying to get their company off the ground, but it’s a good start, that’s for sure. Another thing that’s important to remember is that this realm of business management is always changing and evolving with the times, which is why we always recommend employing the expertise of a SEO company.

They will take all of these tedious duties off your hands, and with their trained acumen, they’ll be able to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, as far as SEO is concerned. Which, not for nothing, is one of the more important aspects of business these days, especially in the cannabis industry.

It’s important to educate yourself about cannabis web development SEO in Chicago. It’s one of the most popular cannabis destinations at the moment, so the quicker you can captialize on it, the better off you’ll be. But, again, it all comes down to knowing about proper cannabis SEO development in Chicago. Without that, you’re looking at a very steep climb towards success.

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