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How To Properly Market Your Dispensary in Chicago

How To Properly Market Your Dispensary in Chicago

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when one is trying to learn about dispensary marketing in Chicago. Upon opening a dispensary, a laundry list of unique responsibilities are created, and it is imperative for a company to go about their marketing in the correct way, or else suffer the unfortunate consequences. And, while there is a wide array of things to take into account when tackling this all-too important business management task, the crux of the entire marketing effort relies on the way you handle dispensary SEO in Chicago.

Just as a quick reiteration, for those who may not be super familiar with the term SEO, it is short for “search engine optimization.” That’s just a fancy way of saying “what makes you rank higher in search results.” That, for lack of a better term, is the main goal of any company in any industry, especially in a market where the majority of shopping and customer-conducted research occurs. It only makes sense that you’d want your company to show up as quickly as possible when a potential customer is searching for goods or services that you offer up.

While you may think that simply starting a business is enough to land you high on a Google search result, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This isn’t like registering to be in the Yellow Pages. Those archaic days are long gone. In this new, digital marketplace, it is vital for a company to consistently find themselves at the top of a search result, if not at the very top.

Being at the top of a search result proves legitimacy; it proves reliability. It inherently makes the customer feel like this company is the obvious choice for their specific needs. And, to be honest, as a consumer, it’s hard to think otherwise. With SEO algorithms constantly evolving and eliminating fraudulent results and dishonest companies, it makes that top search result slot that much more valuable and trustworthy. Which, at the end of the day, is what every customer is hoping to get from a company that they choose to utilize.

The question then becomes: How do I get my company to the top? Well, first off, you should know that it’s not impossible for even the newest companies to rise through the ranks, but it should be just known that it is going to take a lot of finesse, skill, and analytics to reach that goal. But, that said, once you attain this sought-after ranking, you will be able to reap the revenue-related rewards when more and more customers learn about, and eventually utilize, your given cannabis business.

As a dispensary, your first initial SEO goal should be a local SEO ranking. To do this, simply register your dispensary with Google My Business. It’s free, and when you do, it’ll show your dispensary’s location on their patented map search results. These search results typically come in handy when customers search anything that ends in “…near me,” or things of that nature. Most of these same customers make decisions based on the proximity of a business to their residence. And, now that they can clearly see where your business is, that may very well entice them enough to click on a link to your website, and complete a purchase. But, once they are on your website, it is up to you to provide a quality user interface and customer experience, in order to keep them coming back for more. All that to say that, had you not registered with Google My Business, they would’ve never even known you existed. So, it’s an incredibly valuable first SEO step that every company with a brick-and-mortar establishment should take.

How To Properly Market Your Dispensary in Chicago

Next, you’ll really want to become acquainted with your audience. Figure out what they are interested in and what they are searching for the most. Once you get your hands on a few of the most searched terms and phrases from this target demographic, you can start to create blog posts and articles that cover these very same topics. Then, by strategically formatting it in an SEO-friendly way, it’ll be seen as more valuable in the eyes of the search engine, who in turn, will launch that link to the top of the search results for that same term/phrase that your target customers frequently search for. It’s a “win, win” when you think about it.

With that same knowledge, regarding your target audience, you can start to launch a social media account for your dispensary. Be sure to be engaging with posts that are brief, colloquial, and end with a call to action. Always link back to any product that you are posting about, and don’t forget to engage, like, and comment on things in the community. The last thing people want to see is another “bot” account, so consider creating a social media position. That way, one employee can focus on making your account one of the most successful online.

Also, consider reaching out to influencers who share a similar following to your target audience. See if you can strike a deal with them, in which they would promote your company and products for a nominal fee. Most times, companies can strike a deal with these influencers simply for free merchandise, and if you hit up the right one, it could lead to a serious influx in new business.

Obviously, these are just a few suggestions to consider when you are thinking about different ways to go about dispensary marketing in Chicago. But, whatever route(s) you take, you will likely become an expert in dispensary SEO in Chicago in just a couple of days.

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