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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization For Cannabis Companies

Don’t hand over money for traffic, if it doesn’t help your business. That just doesn’t make sense.

Enhance The Number Of New Visitors

The only thing we want to do is help you achieve the highest level of success in this industry, and the only way to do that is by evolving with the times, and adapting to the modern world we live in.
Our focus is to clear the way for new customers to find your company. There’s a lot of competition out there these days, but we’ve developed a series of methods and techniques that help eliminate the brands that stand in between you and a potential customer. We do this through SEO practices, specific ad campaigns, and connections with niche markets that share similar wants and needs to your customer base.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is when we take all the useful analytics and data from a site’s visitor numbers, and come up with a specific plan to enhance those numbers in a number of different ways.

In short, if you’re paying for traffic, but aren’t getting any monetary rewards or business from it, we know how to fix that without proven marketing techniques. Everything nowadays is based on data, and we not only know how to decipher these analytics, we know how to make them work to your advantage.
We want what you want – business and visitors. And through our specific marketing and branding strategies, you’ll be able to see an influx in customers. Better than that, those customers will become lifelong fans of your brand, which in turn only leads to an increase in popularity, and thus, reliable levels of success are achieved.

But, How Do We Analyze This Data?

Well, there’s really no succinct way to answer that, as every project is different. But we relish that individuality, and pride ourselves on being able to come up with new, innovative strategies based on a site’s traffic numbers and customer habits. But, the only way we can do that is if the site records adequate user data, which just so happens to be our speciality. So, kick back, relax, and let us do all the hard analytic work for you.

Proper Use Of Information

When we finally have enough data to analyze, we don’t just give it a “once-over.” We scour through those numbers with a fine tooth comb, picking up on even the littlest pattern and tendency that makes itself known. We use specific elements like heat maps to really nail down who your audience is, and where they’re from, along with a litany of other useful information. We use this data analysis to create new strategies, which then test out in a number of different ways, perfecting and changing things as need be along the way. We make sure all of our attempts are visually-pleasing, engaging, and overall stimulating for the average visitor. There is a decent amount of trial and error here, but no attempt is without value. We always walk away smarter and more experienced, and it never takes long for us to realize exactly how to attack a certain issue or solve a specific problem. We use that information to create a bulletproof marketing plan that delivers a consistent level of success.

We’re Always Thinking About CRO - And You Should, Too!

We’re not the kind to sit back and react when things go wrong. We strategize and create marketing plans and ad campaigns with CRO on the forefront of our minds. It is involved in every single decision we make. For example, if you’re thinking about completing changing the layout on your site, you should consult with us first. We’ll analyze your current site and its visitors, which will help you make more educated design decisions during your redesign.

This optimization isn’t meant to be seen as annoyance or an obstacle, if anything it’s a helpful tool, that guides us towards more informed decisions, which result in more successful strategies and campaigns. With our help, we will make sure all of your customers find your company with the utmost ease and simplicity – and when they get there, they won’t want to leave.